The Telecommunication Sector

Telecommunication is a method for transmission of information over distances to communicate. In previous times, telecommunications used the visual signals, such as smoke signals, signal flags and audio messages via coded drumbeats or sent by loud whistles, etc. In present era of electricity and electronics, telecommunications now also includes the use of electrical devices such as telegraphs, telephones, and, the use of radio and their associated electronics, and the Internet.

With latest changes in technology the telecom industry also update itself with new equipments and devices. The recent change in the telecom sector has been observed by introduction of smart phones and tablets.

 Mobile number portability is another such advanced modification, which improved customer services.

Previously if you wanted to change your service provider, you had to change your contact number, which would have resulted in loss of so many contacts but now you can keep the same number and change your service provider. This service imposes pressure on telecom companies to improve their services. Customers get variety of options and get a chance to select best one for them.

Today telecommunication channels have larger data transmission capability. It also generates employment for various sectors of society from technical jobs to unskilled labors. The various areas in which jobs are developed includes sales and related jobs, administrative support occupation, installation, maintenance and repair occupation, etc. Thus telecom industry provides services as well as help countries economy to grow by reducing unemployment.

Because it is a fastest growing industrial sector and the investment requirements are increasing day by day, companies’ alien to the telecom sector has started investing in this sector. The most expensive part of telecommunication set up is telecom tower. For new comers it is difficult to arrange such huge amount, so they collaborate with either already existing companies or the investors.

These telecom services forms a considerable part of social and economic development of country. Now with the introduction of mobile number portability, customers are getting better options, while the competition between various telecom organizations is getting tougher. Previously only urban areas were using telecom services but now approximately every convenient area which includes remote villages are covered by telecom services.

The telecom industries are launching new schemes to attract customers towards themselves. Monetary terms create hurdle for small companies to enter in to telecom sector. The industry needs huge investment for the installations and maintenance therefore usually small companies collaborate to form a big telecom industry. Telecom towers are the main and the most expensive part of telecom industry setup. So many big telecom industries use the common tower and this creates problem for smaller industries.

Idea cellular is one of the top five telecom companies in India. It is a public listed company, listed on BSE and NSE IN 2007. It recently won the emerging company of the year award and the economic times excellence award 2009.the reason for its growth is its good services even in non urban and rural areas. Customer complaints against idea cellular are regarding their slow customer care response. Tata docomo is Tata teleservices tele service on the GSM platform. Tata docomo fraud cases are regarding its poor network, even in urban areas. Due to this customers have to face trouble. Network is an important parameter to any telecom companies’ services.

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