Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication is a method for transmission of information over distances to communicate. In previous times, telecommunications used the visual signals, such as smoke signals, signal flags and optical heliographs or audio messages via coded drumbeats or sent by loud whistles, etc. In present era of electricity and electronics, telecommunications now also includes the use of electrical devices such as telegraphs, telephones, and, the use of radio and their associated electronics, and the Internet.

With latest changes in technology the telecom industry also update itself with new equipments and devices. The recent change in the telecom sector has been observed by introduction of smart phones and tablets.

Telecom industry provides basic means of communication to its customers.

Today telecommunication channels are expanding their data transmission capabilities. They are extending their services to rural areas as well. It also generates employment for various sections of society from engineer’s jobs to sales man jobs. The various areas in which jobs are developed includes sales and related jobs, administrative support occupation, installation, maintenance and repair occupation. But this growth rate in telecom sector is expected to reduce in next coming years due to increased use of automation and other better devices, which in turn will reduce requirement of manual skills.

Presently most of the telecom users are switching from CDMA to GSM. Thus the number of CDMA users is decreasing day by day which has resulted in increment of it supplementary i.e. GSM users. Some huge private telecom industries in India involves names like

Bharti Airtel
Reliance communications
MTS, etc

The tariff rates have decreased exponentially within last few years, which brought revolutionary change in the telecom industry. Large number of telecom service providers gives customers several service options. And extreme competition force telecom companies to provide good services at minimum possible price value. In case any telecom network is not working properly, customers always have an option to switch their service provider, now by keeping the number same through mobile number portability service.

Mobile number portability is one of the latest developments in telecom industry. Previously, changing service provider meant changing your telephonic address which at times hindered people from switching their service provider. This modification will put more pressure on telecom companies to provide better services to the customers.

The telecom industries are launching new schemes to attract customers towards themselves. The industry needs huge investment for the setup and maintenance therefore usually small companies collaborate to form a big telecom industry. Telecom towers are the main and the most expensive part of telecom industry setup. So many big telecom industries use the common tower and this creates problem for smaller industries.

MTS is one of the ten leading companies in terms of number of subscribers. It was established in 1993 in Moscow city. MTS is coupled with 3G services to enhance their services. It provides services to over 100 million subscribers. MTS fraud includes poor and slow services provided by the company. It takes hours to get simple recharge done. It needs to improve its customer service to improve its reputation in the market. The company is also very well expanded in Russian telecom market. Aircel is another rivalry company and the Aircel complaints are regarding poor customer care services and devices.