"telecommunications Network + Rfid": Pan-pillar In The Application Of Innovation?

In the U age, must have two elements of the application of innovation. One of the most basic information tools as RFID Technology, the other is as a public Communicate Platform for telecommunications networks. Integration between the two arise, "Telecommunications Network + RFID" mode, is the ubiquitous application of innovation pillar. Generally speaking, "Telecommunications Network + RFID" mode, the application will undergo a from less to more, from the local to the overall development process and ultimately the whole era of the information society into the U. In this process, the telecommunications operators will play the role of integration in the main force, Japan and South Korea are to be so.

Korea first proposed the adoption of the "Telecommunications Network + RFID" mode to achieve the vision U network. South Korea's SK Telecom has been in the "Telecommunications Network + RFID" mode introduced the integration of specific applications, such applications will be named "M-RFID (Mobile-RFID)", accurate and intuitive expression of application is based on the telecommunication network with the integration of RFID technology achieved. In 2006, SK Telecom "M-RFID" was launched, and "Telecommunications Network + RFID" is defined as the integration of technology "can be known without hands, magic everywhere in the world's core technology."

SK Telecom's "M-RFID" service architecture, the RFID network and telecommunications network to provide application integration and collaboration. Which, RFID RFID tags on the terminal information literacy, through SK Telecom and its mobile communications network passed to the service agent, service agent and then distributed to the information needs of information providers such as ODS and OIS, through their feedback and down, and ultimately the application of RFID devices launched.

SK Telecom's "M-RFID" service first in Korea Ginseng Corp. and New World Department Store launched. First of all, loaded with a cell phone user's RFID readers for RFID tag information, and then access the Internet through the mobile communication network, can be obtained using the methods and characteristics of goods such as general information and identification of ginseng products, authenticity, and even control products production date, production executives, distribution channels and other details to ensure maximum customer benefits. "M-RFID" will be expanded through the application of the field, content-rich, and ultimately the concept of U network. In general terms, "M-RFID" service architecture, can provide at present we can think of the future network era U all the services involved. According to SK Telecom's vision of ubiquitous RFID-based services will follow the three-step development strategy, about the application of M-RFID gradually from the first stage Medicine Authenticity, Food Curriculum vitae and other government demonstration projects, to expand to the second phase of the new shopping, reading and other areas of daily life, the last until all areas are equipped with RFID tags to form a ubiquitous environment, which will bring the information society era U.

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