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Telecommunication Equipments are used for setting up the communication infrastructure and include: access infrastructure, WAN infrastructure, optical network infrastructure, VoIP infrastructure, wireless infrastructure, and OSS & Billing infrastructure. There are many factors that are helping create opportunities for the telecommunication equipment vendors. Some of them are: The telecom carriers are investing in telecommunication equipment with an aim to increase revenues or reduce operating costs; Compared with the developed markets that have an average mobile penetration of over 100 percent, China, India and other emerging countries remain under-penetrated; and new 3G licenses are being issued by the governments of various countries. Further, even the fixed-line penetration remains low in the emerging countries.
Network Management Services include services such as managed frame relay, managed wide area network, managed convergence voice/data networks, network traffic management, etc. Continuous increase in network traffic, shortage of skilled workers and need to focus on core activities are the primary drivers of network management services. Factors such as increasing penetration of broadband, online collaboration, eCommerce, globalization etc., are also driving the demand for these services. In addition, network management services help organizations keep pace with the growing requirements from end-users, and the growing demands for geographic expansion and technological developments in networks.
This is a bundle of two technology market assessment report: Bundled reports are available at an attractive discount over the individual reports.
The report forecasts the market size of Telecommunication Equipment and Network Management Services over the period 2008-2011. Further, the total market is segmented into various geographic regions and verticals. The report also presents market size for major countries in various regions. In addition, the report identifies key selling drivers for of Telecommunication Equipment and Network Management Services for major verticals.
This report can help IT vendors identify target geographies and verticals. Further, the sales drivers can be used to penetrate the identified vertical or increase the current share of the customer's wallet.

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