First TD-LTE network interoperability testing and telecommunications has finished

Recently, zte has announced the first complete industry-with 2 G LTE TD / 3 G interoperability testing, this test in TD-with GSM/UMTS/LTE CDMAEV-DO between the success of the test, into the TD-and now the fusion of LTE network, accelerated the TD-LTE deployment of progress, of the entire network-LTE industry development TD is of great significance.

Global 2 G and 3 G network has DuoNian development, most operators have already built very perfect network, and has the huge number of user base. LTE network in to the user more bandwidth, the more rich business at the same time, in the early arrangement does not cover also faces many challenges, and improvement of the LTE network to 3 G network switch can let LTE network construction step, significantly lower cost. Arrangement At the same time, multi-mode terminals mature and application to LTE leading operators make full use of the existing 2 G / 3 G network, provide a good foundation for global roaming convenience, effectively reduce the operators in the threshold of the business LTE as soon as possible. All TD-LTE multi-mode terminals has been the most core ability of attention operators, and also one of the important index evaluation industry chain maturity. As a TD-LTE end-to-end solutions of the leading manufacturers in the industry, zte takes the lead in complete TD-LTE GSM/UMTS/TD to LTE/CDMA EVDO- t

he complete set of interoperability, promote the TD-global industrial chain LTE fast mature.

By June 2011, zte has in 15 countries worldwide, and a global leading operators construction TD-LTE commercial network, the bureau and in Europe, India, cis countries, Asia Pacific, southeast Asia, America and other regions. Zte communications with other manufacturers of terminal not only for testing, as is LTE IOT multi-mode terminals leading provider, meet different formats network operators demand.

Yesterday, the industry came news said apple a new generation of mobile phone iPhone5 prototype has begun by the sea trial production, economic and iPhone5 prototypes in the system does not support Chinese still move (the Po) TD network.

From foundry business place, said the news out of the network will also support the iPhone5 telecommunications and unicom 3 G network, but still don't support China mobile's TD network.

When can use China mobile custom iPhone is a lot of China mobile phone user is very concerned with. China mobile, the chairman of the board before WangJianZhou has said, China mobile has reached an agreement with apple, apple will launch support China mobile 4 G standard TD-the LTE iPhone products. But the personage inside course of study thinks, at present China mobile's TD-LTE network also only in small range test stage, still do not have a larger-scale product based, therefore, listed in the short term China mobile access custom version of the iPhone is unlikely.